ELK Stack Developer

ELK Stack Developer by Global Leader in Digital Services and Consulting

ELK Stack Developer

Seniority: Senior
Location: Remote
Job Type: Contract
Hourly Rate: 40USD to 70USD
Hours per Week: 40 hrs
Number of Weeks: 27 weeks

Top Reasons Why You Want to Work for this Company:
  1. 100% Remote
  2. Proven Successful Founders
  3. Work with a company that has 10,000+ employees in 46 countries

  • Remove the DB dependency to search documents from shared folders and instead use Elastic Search.
  • Setting up indexes and crawlers over the files and folders to expose them as rest web services for consumption by web applications.
  • Creation and development of indexes, Logstash to make files and folders searchable based on metadata information.

Skills Needed:
  • Solid experience in ELK stack
  • Experience in REST APIs

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