Product Data Analyst

Today, Keyhole is the #1 company worldwide for Hashtag Analytics. This leadership has us growing fast, with customers that include Google, Amazon, and Uber. Our data is also often cited by tier-1 news organizations like Reuters, CNN and The Guardian.

We're now looking to accelerate this growth with the help of a Data Analyst. Interested?

  • As a Product Analyst, you love breaking down questions quantitatively and using data to find the answers, especially within the product. 
  • As a data-loving member of the team, you'll serve as an analytics expert for your colleagues, using numbers to help them make better decisions. You'll support decision-making for teams like product, engineering and marketing. 
  • An intuition about product and understanding about UX greatly helps while you also bringing the data analytics side to the table.
  • You will investigate user/business data for growth opportunities to optimize product adoption and engagement, and will communicate results to stakeholders.
  • Your daily activities will include creating queries for analysis and creating/automating reports on historical data using Tableau, Excel or through code. 
  • Some examples of projects may include creating and tracking product metrics, looking into segments that are higher/lower performing, looking into product usage data to impact product strategy, analyzing experiments and helping create different experiments to best answer questions.

  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent practical experience.
  • Analytical mind-set for solving problems using data and asking/answering questions
  • Understanding of the factors that drive product adoption and engagement, and experience in pulling different levers to increase these
  • Understanding of good statistical practices to reach relevant conclusions
  • Good Knowledge of SQL (We use MySQL and also AWS Redshift)
  • Experience with one or more programming languages (We use Python for data work, but open to R)
  • Skilled at MS Excel
  • Comfortable working with technical and non-technical team members

  • Prior experience working at a SaaS software company
  • Past experience with third party product analytics platforms like Mixpanel or Pendo
  • Experience with AWS Databases/Storage (Redshift, S3)
  • Understanding of product growth or financial analytics
  • Experience with a BI Visualization tool like Tableau

Note that this is not a Product Manager or Product Coordinator role. The main function of this role is analysis of product engagement using data.

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