Sr. DevOps Engineer

Signal Vine
Alexandria, VA

Senior DevOps Engineer

Company Description

Signal Vine is building an enterprise engagement platform that allows organizations (primarily in Higher Ed for now) to apply behavioral science to communications to influence behavior, change outcomes, and improve the economics of their business. Our platform combines text messaging with data analytics to deliver a highly personalized and interactive experience for the people our customers need to reach.

We are experiencing rapid growth due to the market adoption of our enterprise messaging platform. Our company’s technology has a meaningful social impact, and we recognize that the key to our growth and success is hiring great people. The ideal candidate for Signal Vine will be a great teammate that brings creative problem-solving skills to the job while maintaining the dedication and focus required to achieve results.  

An important factor in our success so far is our ability to work smarter - that is, we recognize that our employees need to have downtime in order to do their best work.  We pride ourselves on our ability to come together to achieve the common goal of growing our business, while allowing our colleagues and teammates to live a healthy and balanced life. We have a powerful vision and have lined up a stellar team of partners, staff and investors in what we expect will be an incredible journey.

Job Responsibilities

You have a deep understanding of what it takes to deliver quality software quickly, reliably and securely. Further you know the application lifecycle - from greenfield to legacy, you understand the challenges each pose to an organization and how to overcome them. You have a vision for "the right way"™ a small team can effectively deliver a quality product without getting mired in either bureaucratic processes and boilerplate coding. You are prepared to dig in and untangle the challenges listed above and help us chart a course for future operational success.


  • Have at least 5 - 7 years of experience in IT Operations

  • Have worked with DataDog and/or NR or other APM & monitoring tools

  • Know Kubernetes

  • Know Terraform / CloudFormation or other provisioning DSLs

  • Know Linux well (Debian / Ubuntu / Amazon Linux)

  • Want to build a successful IT/Ops practice for a growing start-up

It’d be cool if you...

  • Hold an AWS certification

  • Know how to optimize AWS spend

  • Have experience setting up pager-duty or other on-call type of services

  • Enjoy mentoring

  • Have public examples of projects you’ve completed 

  • Have published technically relevant articles, blog posts or books 

We will...

  • Pay a competitive salary including equity and health insurance 

  • Respect your work schedule and habits by focusing on results 

  • Offer you a chance to go on an exciting ride as the company grows 

Attributes of Top Signal Vine Performers

  • Respectful and value the contributions of others

  • Humble enough to know it’s not all about you

  • Anticipates what’s next and prepares

  • Insightful to gain a complete understanding

  • Intuitive to not always need instructions

  • Detail-Oriented knowing the smallest details can be the most important

  • Compassionate to not only care for, but try to understand others

Your first few months

To make the onboarding process smooth, and give you a flavor of what you can expect, we have a set of goals & milestones to help get you up to speed @Signal Vine.

By (calendar) day 30

  • You will know our application architecture

  • You will know our build and deploy process

  • You will know our development workflow

  • You will learn and use our proprietary scripting language to onboard customers with our customer success team

By day 60

  • You will have completed your customer onboarding rotation (6 weeks, 30 work days)

  • You will be working on Ops tickets to get a deep understanding of our existing processes and technologies 

By day 90

  • You will be setting priorities and building the IT & Ops roadmap

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