Frequently Asked Questions

What is Remotebond?

Remotebond is a global community of remote workers. It is a place where knowledge is shared to shape the future of remote work.

Whether you’re a remote company looking to hire or a worker looking for your next remote opportunity, I have created a platform that provides a variety of jobs with new listings added daily.

With Remotebond, I (Erhan Karadeniz) aim to bring talented freelancers and remote workers to companies from all over the world, making the world of work barrier-free.

How do I post a job on Remotebond?

Are you looking for a remote worker? Let Remotebond help you!

To post a job on Remotebond

  1. Click on "Post a job" in the header or click here
  2. Fill out the required information in the form, and preview your job posting.
  3. If everything looks okay, fill out your payment information and press "Post job".
  4. After a successfull payment, you will receive a receipt containing information about your job posting. Keep this receipt, as it contains information about your posting and how to edit it.

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Can I edit my job post after it's live?

It is possible to edit your post after it's live. However keep in mind that you cannot edit your job title after it's live. Everything else is editable.

To edit your post, look for the email receipt you received after posting your job. In this email you will find the link to edit your post. If you have not received this email, contact me and I will be happy to help you out.

How much does it cost to post a job?

The current price to post a base job post is $25. Prices will increase after the initial launch period.

Make your job stand out!

You can choose to highlight your post, this will ensure that your post stands out from the rest and gets more attention. The extra price for this is $100

Add your logo

It is also possible to add a company logo to your job post. This makes sure people recognize your company and it also helps to get more attention to your job post. The extra price for this is $25

How long will my post be live?

Your post will be online for 30 days. After that your post will be archived and visitors will not be able to apply for the position anymore.

Will my post auto bump after 30 days?

Currently your post will not auto-bump and you are not able to bump it yourself. If you need your post to bump, please contact me, and I can bump it manually for you.

Keep in mind that bumping your job post comes with extra costs. In the future you will be able to bump your post by yourself.

How can I register a profile on Remotebond?

Click on the "Register account" button on the homepage or go directly to the register page to create a profile on Remotebond.

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